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After years of concern that girls were being shortchanged in male-dominated schools, especially in math and science, there has grown a rising chorus of voices worrying about whether boys are the ones in peril. Other authorities, such as Susan McGee Bailey, executive director of the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College and principal author of the AAUW report How Schools Shortchange Girls, reject such concerns and instead contend that ingrained sexism and gender roles continue to hamper K—12 schooling for both boys and girls. What does the evidence say? And what does all of this mean for policy proposals like single-sex schooling or teacher hiring? In this forum, Whitmire and Bailey sort through these questions. Dropout and graduation rates, grades, and many test scores show boys faring poorly compared to girls see Figure 1. But I prefer a simpler measure. In truth, they should complete two years of college. When that level of achievement is broken out by gender, men are faring badly. They go to college at lower rates and then graduate at lower rates.

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But I am happy to give you a glimpse. Overall it teaches the lesson though. We just hit a big home run for one of our clients. Let me walk you through the aggregate guts of what happened over the weekend. This is for a national campaign. You can see what happened with one of the campaigns above.

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Scott is right that in some cases the state is a great threat to welfare and he has been a vigorous and effective critic of the Hobbesian perspective on the state, so central to much thinking in social science. Without this there would be no knowledge of the face of the earth; no account of time; no arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

For Hobbes, though the details of states mattered, having one was the main thing. He observed There is written on the Turrets of the city of Luca in great characters at this day, the word LIBERTAS; yet no man can thence inferred, that a particular man has more Libertie or Immunitie from the service of the Commonwealth there, than in Constantinople. Getting a state up and running was the main thing. If anything, Hobbes, having been the tutor to the young exiled Charles II, favored monarchical government.

Only a state could remove the clash of interests and notions of justice and eradicate the uncertainly, arbitrariness and domination which a stateless society was prone to. As we have shown, his arguments in fact are that states typically reduce social welfare and that is why people fly from them and try to escape their power. To anyone with some knowledge of the great tragedies of the 20th century, the claim that states formation can reduce human welfare can hardly be a controversial observation.

It was the strong states created and controlled by the Bolshevik Party in Russia, the Communist Party in China, the Nazi Party in Germany and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia that succeeded in wiping out vast numbers of people on a scale of killing never seen before in human history. At the same time it is also obviously not true that states necessarily do this.

The powerful state that England built after the Glorious Revolution of did not systematically harass or murder its citizens and neither did the central state that was constructed in the United States after the ratification of the Constitution.

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NER programme Policy NER is one of the world’s largest funding programmes for innovative low-carbon energy demonstration projects. The programme is conceived as a catalyst for the demonstration of environmentally safe carbon capture and storage CCS and innovative renewable energy RES technologies on a commercial scale within the European Union. Renewable energy technologies at the focus of NER This page provides a general overview of the NER programme, whereas more information on the instrument’s legislation, monetisation of allowances and annual reporting requirements is available in the documentation page.

The programme intends to support a wide range of CCS technologies pre-combustion, post-combustion, oxyfuel, and industrial applications and RES technologies bioenergy, concentrated solar power, photovoltaics, geothermal, wind, ocean, hydropower, and smart grids. The funds from the sales are to be distributed to projects selected through two rounds of calls for proposals, covering and million allowances respectively.

Dec 10,  · From until his death in , Roger Ebert made a top 10 list (save a few exceptions) of his favorite movies each year. He is still regarded as perhaps the most widely-known f.

Did it catch the attention of freelancers? In the article, I explain how a sales page can fix their problem. But how did I come up with this headline and the idea for the whole article? I asked one simple question: But freelancers are just one group of people that can benefit from a sales page. Who else could benefit? So I went after those people, too.

In the article, I show how a better sales page can help store owners sell more. Do you see the difference? Before I started creating content to generate leads, I thought about the exact groups of people I wanted to reach.

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Not sure what team that is. None other than a young Dwight Eisenhower. In , the Phillies wore white shoes. Look at that goalpost — looks like a junior high shop project!

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Wednesday, February 10, at I replied with an intemperate rant. A slightly updated version follows below… 1. Are there any exciting trends, movement, or schools in contemporary Irish fiction? Who do you feel are the overlooked contemporary authors in Ireland who should be more widely read and translated? As is traditional with my people, on achieving the status of Writer, I was strapped to an ass and driven from the City.

When I was in Ireland, I lived in Galway city, which is on the opposite side of the country to Dublin, where the novelists fester. And I grew up in Tipperary, in the midlands, where writers were, until recently, killed and eaten. Each pen is held by a single hand. I mean, what the FECK are writers in their 20s and 30s doing, copying the very great John McGahern, his style, his subject matter, in the 21st century?

To revive a useful old Celtic literary-critical expression: I puke my ring. And the older, more sophisticated Irish writers that want to be Nabokov give me the yellow squirts and a scaldy hole. If there is a movement in Ireland, it is backwards.

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His wife had left for work and his children were on their way to school, but waiting online was his other community, an unreality where nothing was exactly as it seemed. He logged onto his website and began to invent his first news story of the day. Maybe he would announce that Hillary Clinton had died during a secret overseas mission to smuggle more refugees into America. Maybe he would award President Trump the Nobel Peace Prize for his courage in denying climate change.

He had launched his new website on Facebook during the presidential campaign as a practical joke among friends — a political satire site started by Blair and a few other liberal bloggers who wanted to make fun of what they considered to be extremist ideas spreading throughout the far right. What Blair had first conceived of as an elaborate joke was beginning to reveal something darker.

Sep 05,  · By his freshman year of high school, he’d completed his first “book”; a page fanfiction set in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe. Afterwards, he turned his attention to a series of wholly original works that would become Chronicles of the Apocalypse in the subsequent year.

January 3, Nearly 2 million people in the U. Environmental Protection Agency records. Highly polluted sites that can be inundated by floodwaters, potentially spreading toxic contamination. In Houston, more than a dozen Superfund sites were flooded by Hurricane Harvey, with breaches reported at two. The vulnerable sites highlighted by AP’s review are scattered across the nation, but Florida, New Jersey and California have the most, and the most people living near them.

They are in largely low-income, heavily minority neighborhoods, the data show. Many of the sites have had at least some work done to help mitigate the threat to public health, including fencing them off and covering them in plastic sheeting to help keep out rainwater. EPA’s Climate Adaptation Plan said prolonged flooding at low-lying Superfund sites could cause extensive erosion, carrying away contaminants as waters recede.

President Donald Trump, however, has called climate change a hoax, and his administration has worked to remove references from federal reports and websites linking carbon emissions to the warming planet.

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Contract — A contract is a voluntary arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable by law as a binding legal agreement. Contract is a branch of the law of obligations in jurisdictions of the civil law tradition, Contract law concerns the rights and duties that arise from agreements. A contract arises when the parties agree that there is an agreement, formation of a contract generally requires an offer, acceptance, consideration, and a mutual intent to be bound.

Each party to a contract must have capacity to enter the agreement, minors, intoxicated persons, and those under a mental affliction may have insufficient capacity to enter a contract.

Dec 31,  · Humanity has burnt about gigatonnes of carbon from fossil fuels during its existence, and even if only gigatonnes are eventually burnt (from total reserves of about ) then it is likely that the next ice age will be skipped, whilst the next five could be skipped if .

A crusty academic told students to look at the person two seats down from them, because they might not be there next semester. True to his word, many failed and had to repeat the course before proceeding in the degree. This reader comment reflected the mood: Are university marking standards slipping? Is it too easy to pass? Advertisement Is there an expectation these days that nobody will fail their university degree if they submit the work?

This blog is not just another tirade about business schools. My concern is about Australia developing more innovators and entrepreneurs who take risks and have the resilience to stick out the tough times, and start again if their venture fails. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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Relationship books are one in the same, so I thought. After digging into it, however, I must admit I was wrong about this one. Most relationship books sell women this dream that after you read it, Prince Charming will pop out of nowhere, because face it, they have told you where to go to find The One, how you should act, what you should wear, and what to say and how to say it.

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Feb 27,  · Finally clearing out the last of my wire service backlog. Contributors for this batch include Mark Kluczynski, Mike Hersh, Jerry Wolper, Bill Henderson, Brendan Slattery, Bruce Menard, Warren Humphries, and Mark Peterson.

Deleted line s , click to see context: Then he asks for a four-slot toaster and a Belgian waffle maker. Fortunately, he figures it out before leaving. Though we do get to see how he puts it all together, he can make ”anything” out of ”anything”. So if you’ve got Noodle Implements, he can get it done. Duct tape usually helps, though.

Dude friendzoned on doorstep caught by security camera.

Why Oliver Stone had to bowdlerize our president’s life story. By Timothy Noah Friday, October 17, , at 7: That gets it exactly backward.

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The pistol utilizes a ramp front sight and a notch rear sight, both of which are cut into the slide and are not adjustable. It is fed by a removable single column box magazine with a 7 round capacity. The pistol has a slide hold open feature to inform the operator that the last round has been fired and to facilitate reloading when a fresh magazine has been installed.

The main parts of the pistol have been finished with a rust blue while the smaller parts such as the barrel, barrel bushing, trigger, thumb safety and magazine release were highly polished and left in the white. The extractor, grip screws and lanyard ring were all heat treated to a fire blue finish. The grip panels are a checkered walnut. The Astra Model is actually a scaled down version of the Model , and besides the magazine release location and the slide retention feature, it is virtually identical to its predecessor, the Astra Model in functionality.

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