PAIR Antique 18th C Georgian Old Sheffield Silver Plate Telescopic Candlesticks For Sale

A high-backed settle — sometimes with storage space beneath the seat or a cupboard in the back — was a familiar sight on either side of the hearth in farmhouse kitchens and inns from the 16th to 19th centuries. A settle table is a wooden settle with a hinged back that folds over to rest on the arms and form a table. Soft-paste porcelain was manufactured exclusively from c until the discovery of local china clay deposits enabled true porcelain to be produced from Louis XV granted the factory a monopoly to produce porcelain in the meissen style, c , and even after this was relaxed, no other French company was allowed to produce porcelain with coloured ground or gilding. It was not in common use until the mid- 19thC and was made until modern times when periscopic types were used on aircraft. In 16thC sgraffito ware from the Bologna area of Italy, for example, designs were incised in the white slip coating to reveal a red clay ground. The technique has been much used throughout Europe since medieval times, particularly on country pottery from south-west Britain. It was a feature of Barnstaple pottery throughout the 18th and 19th centuries — and was often inscribed to commemorate special events such as harvests and christenings. Royal Doulton artist Hannah Barlow has become one of the most collectable sgraffito artists. Her studies of typical countryside scenes featuring horses, sheep and cattle on Doulton stoneware are very sought after and can command high prices at local and national auction houses.

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There are lots of ways to guesstimate ages, and geologists knew the earth was old a long time ago and I might add that they were mostly Christian creationist geologists. But they didn’t know how old. Radiometric dating actually allows the measurement of absolute ages, and so it is deadly to the argument that the earth cannot be more than 10, years old.

Radiometric methods measure the time elapsed since the particular radiometric clock was reset.

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The saw plate is cast steel, taper ground and has a straight tooth line. There are no missing teeth and no kinks. The plate tapers from 0. The teeth have a gullet depth of 0. For a great downloadable explanation of saw tooth design, click here. I believe this saw pre-dates saw plate etching.


These beautiful and very fine quality Old Sheffield Plate candlesticks have a wonderful classic Georgian design with lovely wide gadrooned bases leading up to further gadrooning underneath the telescopic necks and removable nozzles. The bases have green felt to protect furniture. The candlesticks appear to be unmarked with the quality and style of Matthew Boulton.

The candlesticks are in general very good condition with overall wear consistent with age.

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Length 12cm Iron knife found at Wigber Low. Knives like this one are common in the Anglo-Saxon period. Both men and women would have carried a knife with them. It was an essential item for many tasks in their daily lives. It was used as a tool, not as a weapon. The iron has survived reasonably well and has been stabilised by conservation treatment. This gives it the darker, almost black colour.


Travel and Tourism About Sheffield One of the north’s key cities, Sheffield is a major metropolitan city and is home to over half a million people. Yet tight restrictions on development have ensured that the beauty of the adjoining Peak District National Park has not been compromised. As a result the urban area of Sheffield has excellent shopping facilities and a fantastic range of bars and restaurants, while the Peak District National Park on its doorstep offers breathtaking views of the spectacular countryside nearby.

The city also has a plethora of parks and woodland areas within its bounds, and set as it is in the rolling Yorkshire hills just east of the Pennines, Sheffield boasts some of the best views in the country. In fact Sheffield has more trees per person than any city in Europe and despite its great size it has been informally termed ” the largest village in England “.

This is a page of A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of vertu, a pages richly illustrated website offering all you need to know about antique silver, sterling silver, silverplate, sheffield plate, electroplate silver, silverware, flatware, tea services and tea complements, marks and hallmarks, articles, books, auction catalogs, famous silversmiths (Tiffany, Gorham, Jensen.

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Sheffield Museum Knives

It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate. One of the most frustrating parts of silver collecting it the lack of research data compiled in one place. I hope to correct this.

The best-known initiative is the prohibition (effective from c. Elkington was forced to change its mark in ) of stamping plated wares with the “crown”, to avoid misunderstanding with the symbol identifying the Sheffield Assay Office. The absence of an official dating system makes it difficult to date silver plated wares.

Sheffield Plate Part 2 Of 2 Nearly all of these articles were manufactured during the entire period of one hundred years, though wine-coolers, supper-trays, cake- and fruitbaskets, egg-cup frames, dish-covers, and a few other articles probably date no further back than During this period the forms and styles of ornamentation underwent a marked change, as did the fashions in dress, architecture, furniture, and silverware.

The earliest of the styles found in Sheffield plate has been commonly called Queen Anne, a term applied also to chairs and cottages that were built after that monarch’s death. The style was really developed during the reign of George I, but the term “Queen Anne” has come to be more closely associated with style than “George L” The shape of these pieces of Queen Anne Sheffield plate is quaint, perhaps a little clumsy, but simple and full of character. Inside they often show the marks of the workman’s hammer, and have fluted or drawn wire edges.

The shapes are usually oblong or oval. The early Georgian styles include a variety of patterns. First there is to be noted the raised or in dented spiral fluting of the time of George II.

A Fine Pair of Old Sheffield Plate Chamber Candlesticks c1830 Watson & Son

The prime purpose of these marks is to show that the metal of the item upon which they are stamped is of a certain level of purity. The metal is tested and marked at special offices, regulated by the government, known as assay offices. Only metal of the required standard will be marked. It is a form of consumer protection, whose origin goes back almost years.

Four Sheffield-plated entree dishes, cover and warming stands and a pair of sauce tureens and covers, Sheffield, circa the entree dishes rectangular, gadrooned rims with doub.

We Buy Sterling – Contact us. In addition, it offers protective rolls and storage bags for flatware and holloware, cigar humidors, and pen chests. This division concentrates on holloware and silverplated tableware, offering products such as serving trays, wine coolers, candleware, and napkin rings. He first employed pewter — an alloy composed of lead and tin and used to make everyday items such as tankards and dishes.

Babbitt, who ran a pewter shop in Taunton, Massachusetts, then found a way to emulate a white metal alloy made from tin, antimony, and copper called Britannia metal, used by the British in the making of flatware and holloware sold in the United States. Along the way, Henry G.


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The combination of the trademark name words “Mappin and Webb’s Prince’s Plate -London & Sheffield” was used until the s. The trademark name “Prince’s Plate” had first been used in The names of the two cities indicate the locations of the two factories Mappin and Webb had.

There has been quality control of goods made of this metal since the end of the 12th century. Every piece of silver made must be sent to the Assay Office for testing to ensure that it is of the required standard of sterling silver. Provided it conforms to that standard, a series of symbols are stamped on to each separate part of each article. Today, and for the last several centuries, these show its quality, the place and year of manufacture, as well as who made or sponsored the item.

It is great fun and also a way of finding a piece that was made in a year or city that might hold particular significance and provide the perfect gift or commemorative item. It is against the law to pass off inferior silver or silver plate as sterling silver. Historically, a smith was pilloried for their first offence and progressively draconian punishments were meted out for subsequent offences. The reason for this severity was that the manufacture of silver and gold was allied to the minting of currency.

Therefore, by debasing these metals one was, in effect, undermining the coin of the realm, which was a treasonable offence. The history of hallmarking dates back to when a Statute of Edward I instituted the assaying testing and marking of precious metals. The original aim of the system remains unchanged: Indeed, hallmarking is one of the oldest forms of consumer protection.

The Statute of allowed the Wardens of the Company of Goldsmiths in London to go out to workshops in the City and assay silver and gold. Gradually gold came to be marked in the same way as silver.

Old Sheffield Plate, Erfindung und Herstellung