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That was the case when Chanel was alive. And it’s still true now. But magic happens when Burt Tansky, the recently retired chief executive of Neiman Marcus, puts in a call on your behalf. All Burt had to do was make a phone call. The tour was capped off by a presentation by a company executive who told the students about how the brand is building on Chanel’s traditions and growing the business into rapidly growing markets such as China. Sneider’s group recently returned from a two week-long trip to the fashion capitals of Europe — Milan, Rome, Paris, and London — as part of a mini-course on luxury apparel. It may be a somewhat narrow segment of retail, but it’s a timely topic, especially since higher-end retailers have rebounded much quicker out of the recession than their mid-tier counterparts. And with business schools looking for more ways to provide a more globalized education, the subject lent itself well to international travel. And yes, in case you’re wondering, the students had to pay for the trip out of their own pockets.

Post columnist: Trump acting like a 2-year-old

And for as long as anyone can remember, Pete Ragusa has been pounding out a steady backbeat on the drums, the big, thumping heart of the Nighthawks’ music. Pete joined the Nighthawks in , two years after it was formed by harmonica ace and singer Mark Wenner. Thirty-five years Pete was in the band, which is why it’s a little hard to get your head around the news that he played his last gig as a Nighthawk last Saturday at Glen Echo’s Spanish Ballroom. There had been no announcement, no “Pete’s farewell gig!

He’d just been thinking about a change, talked with Wenner about it, and decided to amicably hang up his sticks. Well, his Nighthawk sticks.

The Washington Post published what is believed to be the last column by the missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Raw Politics takes a look at the threat against journalists and whether Khashoggi’s disappearance will change anything.

Interns AU date rape column angers students American University students are demanding that the campus newspaper fire one of its columnists and issue an apology after publishing a column Monday that called date rape “an incoherent concept. Knepper wrote that a woman who attends a fraternity party, drinks more than five glasses of alcohol and follows a guy to his room is indicating that she is willing to have sex and should not “cry date rape” the next morning.

Knepper, who is openly gay, often writes on topics that infuriate students and hopes to someday be a political commentator. In an interview Monday he said that “real rape,” which occurs when a stranger “thrusts sex into a non-sexual situation,” is a heinous crime and rapists should be severely punished. Not surprisingly, the column has already received more than comments and several letters to the editor.

Early Monday morning an unknown person or persons collected hundreds of copies of the paper from around campus and piled them in front of the student newspaper office, under a sign reading: Editor in chief Jen Calantone said she decided to publish the column because it would “foster an interesting discussion. Editors are also in the process of organizing a Thursday night forum so students can ask questions and share their opinions.

Calantone also wrote a letter to readers , which was posted on the newspaper’s Web site Monday afternoon. By publishing this piece, we were not trying to display our tacit support of Knepper’s views. However, as journalists, we are not in the business of censorship. As an editor, I would not feel right to fire or censor a writer who has offended people, because I believe that he has raised questions that warrant discussion.

The Washington Post Should Tell You When Its Columnists Are Paid to Disinform You

This is followed, inevitably, by statistics from Baghdad’s version of the county morgue. But those figures just strike me as utterly meaningless as a measure of “violent death” in Baghdad or Iraq pre-war. There was plenty of violent death to go around in Saddam’s Iraq that was kept off the books, as we know now hat tip, Instapundit. Would it be so difficult for reporters, who are trying to make a legitimate point about street crime, to simply throw in the contextualizing phrase “street crime” when they are discussing this issue, rather then the totalizing phrase “violent death” which just erases all the pain and suffering that was caused by the state as if it never happened?

He writes a weekly column for ‘The Washington Post’. His net worth is estimated to be $4 million dollars. A huge part of his salary and net worth is the outcome of his works as Journalist.

Watching Senate Democrats high-stepping and hopping around like a bunch of Mexican jumping beans in a hot skillet this week sure has been hilarious — if not entirely illuminating. What is even worse than Fake News? Published January 18, Shares CNN’s Stephen Miller incident proves how fake news ignorantly smears conservatives The latest drive-by character assassination of White House advisor Stephen Miller began, as it so often does, in a fact-free live TV orgy of public posturing by a journalist eager to display his virgin-snow virtuosity when it comes to their unalloyed hatred of President Donald Trump.

Published January 11, Shares Since the earliest rise of the modern tea party, no political pastime has been more joyous than doling out savage ultra-violence against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Published January 7, Shares There is so much to love about President Trump that it is hard to settle on the single greatest thing about the 45th president.

Published December 31, Shares Indeed, it is a Merry Christmas for Americans of all races, creeds and genders and species and political persuasions — so long as they are legal Americans who work for a living and pay taxes. Published December 24, Shares Obama produced sinister miniseries for Democrats The most sinister twist in this entire spy novel extravaganza we are now enduring has to be the eight-year scheme by the Obama administration to betray the American people and hand unbridled power to one of our most ardent and determined enemies.

Published December 18, Shares The Bangladeshi would-be bomber — a walking ad for Trump’s immigration policies The animal was not detected beforehand and his plot was not foiled by authorities. A bomb did go off and terror was most certainly struck in hearts of millions. It all could have ended very, very differently and untold numbers of innocent humans would have — once again — been slaughtered in the name of Allah. Published December 10, Shares The swamp is really bubbling now.

The slobbering jackals with glowing eyes are slipping and sliding on their own drool, in a frenzy ready to feed on the juiciest kill in all of Swampdom. That dog done run off and nowadays a Democrat can’t hardly win, even when running against an accused pedophile.


A golf professional first, Suzy Whaley now breaking limitations Two moments of discrimination occurred 1, miles and worlds aside, neither pointing to Suzy Whaley making historical past this week on the PGA of America. Whaley was simply getting hooked on golf in Syracuse, New York, and she or he was ok to compete in tournaments when her identify was scratched off the entry checklist of a junior match for boys as a result of she was a lady. And that makes me smile.

Peter King’s new Monday morning NFL column “Football Morning in America” debuted this morning exclusively on first edition of the column included interviews with Green Bay.

Read more At a campaign stop in Westchester County, N. Clinton faced a question from a Greenpeace activist: In the future, would she reject fossil fuel money in her campaign? Sanders stood his ground. He later said that Mrs. Clinton should apologize for saying his campaign had lied. We took a look at the numbers.

First of all, Mrs. When it comes to people who work in the oil and gas industry, Mrs. Clinton has indeed raised more money than Mr. Sanders, according to the Center for Responsive Politics , which tracks contributions by industry.

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In his first public appearance since allegations were first reported that he had sexual contact with a year-old girl decades ago , Moore vehemently denied the allegations and harshly criticized the media outlet that first published the story. He declined to answer any questions from reporters on his way in or out of the building. Moore is sounding a defiant tone as Republicans are scrambling to figure out what to do in the race that has sharply divided the party.

Some Republican senators are considering the possibility of pushing a write-in candidate, getting the governor to push back the election scheduled for Dec.

According to The Washington Post, screenwriter Craig Mazin, Cruz’s former Princeton roommate, calls him a “huge asshole,” and “creepy.” He’s Tweeted, “Getting emails blaming me for not smothering.

Carrie Severino December 7, 7: The allegations themselves went back to the period between and when Hill worked under Thomas, first at the Department of Education and later at the EEOC. But her story is implausible for a host of other reasons, from internal inconsistencies, to contradiction by contemporaries, to outright perjury. Since Kaganoff has brought up this slander again, I wanted to take the opportunity to respond. That these men offer an inapt comparison should be obvious—not just by the severity of the accusations against them, but by the sheer volume of credible evidence they faced.

Kaganoff might appreciate this if his review of the evidence were not so superficial.

Carolyn Hax Live: ‘Goddess help us all.’

The Post has moved the ball can I go ahead and pull the trigger, now that the Post has a bit of detail out there? Several of the emails above are dated on, or near, May 20, The party will unify. And as the Post reports , the Democratic National Committee is close to announcing a series of process concessions to Sanders for the convention.

Andrew Russell “Drew” Pearson (December 13, – September 1, ) was one of the best-known American columnists of his day, noted for his syndicated newspaper column “Washington Merry-Go-Round,” in which he attacked various public persons.

Agnew with fellow reporter Jules Witcover. In , he began writing a column for the paper’s Metro section, which became nationally syndicated in Foreign policy[ edit ] Cohen was originally a supporter of the Iraq War , [9] and publicly supported the Bush administration in several other high-profile instances. In a Washington Post column, Cohen wrote, “The evidence Colin Powell presented to the United Nations — some of it circumstantial, some of it absolutely bone-chilling in its detail — had to prove to anyone that Iraq not only hasn’t accounted for its weapons of mass destruction but without a doubt still retains them.

Only a fool — or possibly a Frenchman — could conclude otherwise. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims and some Christians has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now”. He clarified his statements in the next week’s column, saying, “Readers of my recent column on the Middle East can accuse me of many things, but not a lack of realism.

I know Israel’s imperfections, but I also exalt and admire its achievements. Lacking religious conviction, I fear for its future and note the ominous spread of European-style anti-Semitism throughout the Muslim world—and its boomerang return to Europe as a mindless form of anti-Zionism. Israel is, as I have often said, unfortunately located, gentrifying a pretty bad neighborhood. But the world is full of dislocated peoples, and we ourselves live in a country where the Indians were pushed out of the way so that—oh, what irony!

It is sometimes wrong. It accumulated land and space in vile yet ordinary ways.

The Washington Post Fired Lefty Columnist Harold Meyerson

He was born on February 11, , according to the Julian calendar and Annunciation Style of enumerating years then in use in the British Empire. The Gregorian calendar was adopted within the British Empire in , and it renders a birth date of February 22, His great-grandfather John Washington immigrated to Virginia in and began accumulating land and slaves, as did his son Lawrence and his grandson, George’s father Augustine.

Augustine was a tobacco planter who also tried his hand at iron manufacturing. Three siblings died before adulthood; his sister Mildred died when she was about one, his half-brother Butler died in infancy, and his half-sister Jane died at age 12, when George was about two.

Dec 16,  · If online dating was indeed poker, I needed to find someone I felt comfortable showing my hand to.

The group of mostly older women, and a few men, filled in their name tags and took their seats. Those looking for housing wore stickers featuring a drawn pair of eyes. Those with a place to offer were identified by an image of a house. She opens the meeting with the warm, calm voice of a counselor. Welcome to speed-dating for roommates. For the past few years, Fiasca has hosted twice monthly meetups on the west and east sides of Portland for prospective housemates.

Fiasca’s business began as a way for aging baby boomers to find affordable housing and companionship. While it’s expanded to include people of all ages, Let’s Share Housing’s clientele still skews older. Saturday’s attendees were motivated by a combination of interests: One by one, the group took turns introducing themselves and describing what they’re looking for or what they’re offering; what they can pay or how much they’re asking; whether they have or want pets.

Another received a no-cause eviction and needs a place by October. She isn’t picky about what part of town.

The Onion worth more than the Washington Post in $US200m sale

But his expression unsettles me. I understand that my reaction is visceral and automatic, but as a neurologist it is my business to notice things out of the ordinary and probe them. It’s remarkable how many colleagues and former associates say that they “loathe” Cruz. It just saves time. Peter King sees “malice” behind his visage.

On Aug. 1, The Washington Post Magazine’s weekly blind date feature, Date Lab, will print what has become a once-yearly ritual: The gay date.. Every Sunday, the magazine writes up the adventures.

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That’s a significant shift in the power balance with Republican Gov. But it doesn’t mean the beginning of a liberal golden age with bill after bill flying past a helpless chief executive. If anything, Democratic leaders are throwing cold water on the expectations of their supporters. The new legislature will include 95 Democrats, 43 Republicans, seven Progressives and five independents. When Dems and Progs stand together, their combined votes will clear the two-thirds threshold in the member House to override Scott.

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For more information, please click here! Our students were treated to a wonderful panel of LER Alumni who shared with them their career paths, internship experiences, recruitment tips and guidance for their upcoming interviews. From the first day of their arrival, they have been engaged in group activities, CASE competitions, a community service project and the internship bash. Aug 31, 1: May 30, 9: From engagements in China to Chicago, St. Louis to Palo Alto and a few places in between.

We were glad to be able to celebrate the spring and connect with over 65 alumni throughout the trip. From a BBQ, to office visits, happy hours and in-home visits, thank you for everyone who welcomed us. We’re so proud of the stories we heard and seeing the success of our alumni. Armory Feb 27, 8:

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